Difference Between Wet and Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems

Which type of residential fire sprinkler system should I install?
Fire sprinkler systems are a safe and effective way to protect the people and property you love. If you’re building your own home, or rehabbing a previously-owned property, you’ll need to decide what type of residential fire sprinkler system you’ll install. Many customers ask: what’s the difference between wet and dry fire sprinkler systems?

There are a few types of sprinkler systems, but wet and dry are two you should consider for residential properties. There are positive aspects of both, so do your research and consult with professionals before you do your install. This article explains the difference between wet and dry fire sprinkler systems.

Wet Sprinkler Systems
The simplest type of fire sprinkler, wet systems basically consist of pipes with a sprinkler at the end. In this type of system, the pipes are full of water and are ready to act instantly if the sprinkler is activated.

  • Consider the temperature of the property before installation of a residential fire sprinkler system.
  • Wet systems are filled with water under pressure, so cold weather can cause freezing and blockages that can make the system useless.

Dry Sprinkler Systems
These fire sprinkler systems are not filled with water, but with pressurized air or nitrogen. The water is held back by this pressure at a main valve. When the sprinkler is activated by a fire, this pressure is released and the water enters the pipes.

  • There can be a lag of time between fire activation and the release of water in a dry fire sprinkler system.
  • This type of system is more appropriate for properties that may experience a freeze due to low temperatures.

Rely on experienced professionals for home fire sprinkler installation.
Property owners in the Portland area have many types of fire sprinkler systems available. With so much on the line, expert installation is a top priority. Home fire sprinkler systems are effective, but must meet strict standards.

When you work with the residential fire sprinkler system experts at AFP Systems, you know your wet or dry sprinkler system will be fabricated and installed by the best in the business. Their team has years of experience helping the Portland-metro area stay protected from fire damage.

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