About AFP Systems Inc.


Comprehensive Fire Sprinkler Service in the Pacific Northwest

We design, fabricate, and install fire sprinkler systems in commercial and residential buildings. Our trained and certified staff also provide regular inspection, service, and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.

We’re able to accommodate projects of any size, from single family homes and mixed-use residential properties to the largest commercial distribution centers and retail outlets.

Your home and business deserve fire sprinkler systems installed and maintained by the best in the business. Our Oregon-based team has been providing top quality service throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1984, and they take pride in their expert work.

Fabrication of Fire Sprinkler Systems from Start to Finish

From the initial computer designs and measurements to the welding and cutting of steel pipe, our team creates every fire sprinkler system in our own facilities located right here in the Pacific Northwest. The team at AFP is hands-on, making sure that every order meets our client’s exact specifications for fitting and performance.



We only install the best products in the industry.

Allied Tube and Conduit
Aurora Pentair Water
Blazemaster Fire Sprinkler Systems
Potter Roemer Fire Pro
Tyco Fire Products