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Portland Fire Pump Testing

Jan 13th, 2017 - 5:40am

In Portland fire pump testing is required if your fire sprinkler is equipped with a fire pump. The inspections are required because the fire pump is an important part of the fire suppression system. A fire pump is used when water supply is low or when no public water supply is available.

A fire pump is required to be tested when it is installed, and annually thereafter. A pump test is designed to turn on the fire pump and see how it would perform in the event it was used in an actual fire emergency. The pump must start properly and quickly in a real fire emergency and the water flow must be suitable to meet minimum expectations of how much water would be needed to put out a fire quickly and safely.

In Portland fire pump testing is required by Portland Fire & Rescue to be done according to the standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association Standards 25 (NFPA 25). The frequency of testings depends on the specifications of your individual system, Most fire pumps are either electric or diesel-powered. Older Portland fire pumps may be steam driven.The water pump intake is typically connected to the public water supply or a separate large tank if the public water supply is inadequate or not available for the location.

The test will look at all aspects of the fire pump. It will be turned on, the water pressure gauge will be read, and the water flow from the pump will be charted and documented. The test will also examine how much water flows from the water tank to the pump. In a real fire emergency, the pump automatically turns on when it senses that the water pressure in the fire sprinkler system drops below a certain level. This would mean that the fire sprinklers sensed heat and turned on, releasing their water.

In Portland, fire pump testing is particularly important for high-rise buildings where the pump will be expected to provide water to reach all levels of a building. There are different types of fire pump designs, but all are intended to perform the same basic job.

In Portland fire pump testing should only be performed and witnessed by qualified personnel, i.e., an experienced pump operator, like your fire suppression experts at AFP Systems. We serve the Portland area for all fire suppression system installation, maintenance and testing. If you are a building owner or facilities manager, it is your legal responsibility to maintain your equipment. AFP Systems can help you determine what type of system you have and what the required maintenance and inspection schedule is to meet Portland laws.

Image by Toddastephens via Wikipedia Commons

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