Portland Bakflow Fire Sprinkler System Testing

Portland Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

Sep 22nd, 2016 - 5:30am

In Portland commercial fire sprinkler system maintenance is important for the property owner. Maintenance is fundamental in keeping an efficiently operating system, ensuring safety, and compliance with regulatory codes. Also, in Portland commercial fire sprinkler system maintenance is required to meet insurance requirements.

By maintaining emergency fire equipment, you ensure that safety is high and loss of profit is minimal. Inspection and testing of a commercial fire sprinkler system must be conducted regularly to make certain everything is in accordance with local Portland laws.

How to Meet Portland Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance Regulations For Your Business

1. Don’t let repairs go unattended. There’s more than one reason to stay on top of any repairs that need to be carried out. It’s rare that a fire sprinkler system needs a repair as long as regular inspections are conducted. However, in the event there’s any type of malfunction, it must be repaired immediately. Aside from being a safety issue, ignoring repairs can result in violations of insurance and legal requirements.

Uncommon malfunctions that require repairs:
Overheating. This typically results from sprinkler heads being installed in locations like ceilings where temperatures soar during the summer months. Most fire sprinkler systems can withstand a range of ceiling temperatures, but still must be protected from overheating. A 200-degree or 286-degree head is preferred.

Freezing.  If wet sprinkler systems are installed in facilities with very cold temperatures or unprotected pipes, sprinkler heads can freeze and crack. Portland is an environment with high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures. For Portland commercial fire sprinkler system maintenance, antifreeze can be added to the pipes, insulating the system. Or consider installing dry fire sprinklers that use air pressure or use valves engineered to keep water out of the system.

Corrosion. Rust and other degradation can accumulate over time.  Annual inspections are vital. If any problems are detected, a technician can replace corroded parts.

Mechanical damage. Among some possible mechanical problems are overly tightened fittings, improperly installed sprinkler heads, and other human errors.

2. Schedule regular testing of your Portland commercial fire sprinkler system. At a minimum, the system should be inspected once annually. It’s the property owner’s responsibility to stay current with laws involving emergency fire equipment.

3.  Learn to identify potential problems. Make sure you understand who’s responsible for what (building owner vs. business owner, for example) so that it can be communicated to the fire inspector. These officials need to know who to contact for any fire equipment concerns.

Technicians with AFP Systems understand all regulations and are well-equipped to help property owners with Portland commercial fire sprinkler system installation and maintenance. Contact AFP Systems today to evaluate the safety and efficiency of your equipment or your needs for a new installation.

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