Portland Bakflow Fire Sprinkler System Testing

Portland Backflow Fire Sprinkler Testing

Jan 25th, 2017 - 5:29am

First of all, what is backflow? A cross connection is made in plumbing where the drinking water supply is connected to, or can be connected to, a non-drinking water source. In Portland, backflow fire sprinkler testing is required so that public drinking water is not contaminated by any “backflow” of other water.

The cross connection prevents backflow hazards, which is when the water pressure in the system changes and the drinkable water supply might be contaminated by the non-drinkable water supply. The pressure change can cause a reversal of flow of water through the distribution pipes.

Portland law requires backflow assemblies to be installed on water services where cross connections cannot be eliminated. Backflow assemblies are required on the water service connections to all fire sprinkler and landscape sprinkler systems. The law also requires backflow assemblies in commercial establishments as well as industrial facilities.

Backflow testing is important because it protects everyone’s drinking water. These systems can be designed differently but primarily they involve two sets of valves. If one valve fails, the other should protect the drinking water supply. Over time, these devices do begin to fail. Documentation of comprehensive testing is required so that the organization that monitors Portland backflow fire sprinkler testing knows you have done your part to maintain a safe water system.

An approved backflow assembly must be installed and tested by a state-certified backflow assembly tester. AFP Systems is certified to handle this type of testing. IF you’re interested in booking an appointment, please give us a call. Someone will promptly assist you in figuring out your needs.

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